Monday, December 12, 2011

kyoto rules.

traveled down to kyoto to visit my good buddies at apache~!
they really have a super sick spot, with everything you could want all under 1 roof. clothing shop, chopper shop, mini ramp, clothing store, pool tables,bar/cafe, a hamburger shop, and an arcade!

 when your done skating you can chill out, play some pin ball, darts, or watch chopper videos on the giant flat screen tv.
 back and forth studios does all the hand painted signs. and skulls by MAR
kyoto at night.

classic kyoto.
toshi and I chillin.

 mitsu bought my old sportster. it was nice to see him riding it around.

seceret motorcycles custom sr400

 toshi's army jeep.
 back and forth studios.
 outdoor mini mini.
 go get some Cut-Rate~!
and get a burger from kai on your way out...

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