Thursday, February 16, 2012

timonium show stuff.

so marks another year of the good ole' timonium bike show. its the highlight of our shitty winter here in Baltimore. 
 anyway here are a few pics I snapped on sunday morning.
 big twin VL roller and some odds and end I brought along.
 "how do you ride with them bars like that!?"
 back of the buss for us... I brought a turbo/buell powdered sportster dragbike im building, the big twin/VL roller, "zeus and Appaloo",my shovel, and a XS chopper I built a few years ago. the response was pretty good and we even sold some stuff. next year should be even bigger!
 skop came over from japan and was striping his ass off all weekend!
 Hung over showclass/DS...
 hung over kyle...
 mobtown was selling a nice sportster...
 jason and the guys from fredrick/hagerstown MD had a really good showing.
 clean and tight.
 girls bike.
 was up for sale, didnt last long...
 ben, 14" over future project.
 six duces, came out and brought a clean iron head 

 this was were all the trash was. LOWSIDE.
 tim, tiny B, chuckmatic
 building a "cafe racer"...
 shovel shovel shovel...
 ebony and ivory... tank, and big john B
 kevin and the folks at loaded gun, brought down 4 or 5 triumphs.

 if he asks if you wanna see the hamburger, say NO....
 Tom from diesel moto does crazy things to buells
 want a tube frame buell bad...
xb12, kawi front, ducati single sided swingarm and wheels, ktm light..

...Now back to the garage...


  1. where can I get single sided swingarm for Buell email me at