Wednesday, March 28, 2012

making up for lost time...

sorry for the lack of updates, here is recap of what you might have missed..

what would a japan trip be with some beaver pictures?


 headed down to yokohama to the moon shop/cafe. im so excited for this years show, its gonna be awesome!

 while in yokohama I stopped by my buddy Gen's place (love ear art) gen is a chill dude,and is doing really trippy, cool paint jobs.

 "naka chan" @ hi-chopper 13
 parking is tight around here...
 Fillmore trip cafe'... if you like the dead or allmond bros. you might wanna check this place out.! Yas is a really nice dude, is the worlds biggest gregg allmond fan..
 looking through an old issue of Hot-Bike japan, and who did I see.... DOC! @ sturgis.
 more turkey!
 my little Ben hittle, and ezaki ... ben was on an asian tour with kink bikes. I have actually know him since he was a little kid and this dude can ride a bike for real. youtube it...
 nice shov on the street. looks like spice built it??
a meeting of the minds, JJ (hopper mag) Masa (delight cafe) and YAS (hwzn Bros.)
 Blaze-pipe in yokohama. I havent been down to blaze pipe in about 8 years! still awesome dudes, still super fun-to-skate mini, and good vibes.
 trouble markers....
 calbi....bangin' with calee.

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