Wednesday, August 15, 2012

great time in tokyo again!

 on gaurd.
"thats whats inside me"

 these Calee boots are on the top of my want list.
 HWZN yas, CYCLE HEADZ tamasawa and some jerk.
 doing my best to stay on point with a diet. eat well on the road is a hard thing to do.
 shin's insanity at the NHBD office.
BOUNTY HUNTER. Ryu, Takashi, Hikaru, and Yas (ex. bounty)
 picked up a few small things for myself.
 oh yeah and this too.
 what trip would be complete without feeling like shit for 4 hours.
 it was so odd for me to be riding  in my old truck, with a bike I sold, in the back. trippy!

 naka naka
 29A just before we had a near death.
 more fun times!
 headz crew birthday party!
 good friends
 Mr. Bratstyle himself
see ya!

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