Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


for being a race bike with a headlight, and tail light, alot of highway miles were put on the xs this summer.

Al's got "LA $TYLE"
jeff now works with us at shop gentei.
he is in towson 90% of the time , so go say hi to him he needs it.
kept it a little skatey @ virgin fest on the skate park of baltimore's mini.
people walking away from the stage when lil wayne was on at virgin fest. he was by far the biggest let down of the whole show.
highlights included. the stooges, block party, chuck berry, and .... oh yeah thats it. other than them it sucked.


a little well need VACA.
"fun in the sun"
I cant stress how much i like going to the beach.
this made it worth it alone!
back to baltimore for "artscape" scottie B, hip hop dan, uncle jesse, and diplo (pictured) were killing the crowd all day long, and into the night.
a little hard to see, but let me make it clear, you or anyone you know is not fucking me, and my crews ski ball skills. thats a 390 right there! i know you can see "winner"
Big Al did take it home with a 400, making him the winner of the "08' skill ball roll off". im rolling a perfect game next year for sure.



daisuke from BACKDROP tokyo came to stay for a few days, welcome to smalltimore.

short track racing 
partied with some of the homies
threw a killer indoor mini ramp jam, with hardcore bands playing all night long. 
it was the 08' version of "red hot skate rock", just way more core.
they another alley cat race. this time is was back to the beach, for some fun in the sun!
something like 30 people raced, (better than i could have asked for).
some nice crashes, people getting pushed into the water at the 1st check point, and agro police! better than I could have asked for.

todays (11/19/08) post....

rewind 20years...
this represents what i wanted to be as a 11 year old kid,  personified.
the alva team represented skating to me much more than tony hawk or let's say Rob roskopp skating at raging waters. (that  was ILL too!) but these dudes were real street, or at least they looked like people that i skated STREET with.  it's a sick photo at the very least.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#2 + #1 =#21

where do i start, where do i start?
well if you know me at all you know my newest passion...

i cant wait till the spring, its going to be a long winter with alot of building and tuning going on
at 1010 morton. 


this is my very first blog post ever. 
i cant make fun of nat anymore for being a blogger, cause i guess i am now too.
anyway welcome to "21runnin".