Tuesday, April 28, 2009

frontside grind...anytime.

new fashion out in tokyo called "grind". some good stuff inside.  even RIPzingger has a page.
did a little photo shoot for backdrop the other day, it should be next month. check it.

yo yo yo ....

my favorite person to choke, galaxxxy designer piromi!
and NOBU ."hi chris"


ok, so i know about passover and putting blood on your front door, but this is extra wild!
looks like fucking dinosaur!
"yeah were the last house on the left, just look for the dead dinosaur hanging out front, you can't miss it"....
uh and what the fuck is this!? a fucking rascal scooter locked up on the street.!? ok think about it, who ever rode this thing here locked it to this chain, and then got up and WALKED away!???

Friday, April 24, 2009


these bikes were build and belong to yone of bull origanil.

yo dude.
hand carved wood inlay tank emblem
S&S motor...
suzuki GS wheels... nice!

more spice please.

and trophy clothing shop next door.
skinny ass end.

spice cycles, kamikazi paint, and fuck you

650 trumpet
HD rigid
national pride
my kinda place...


free hand sketch...
lets just say im glad its over.  
after pics soon.

long time no see.

RYUJI owns DEFCULT. I havent seen him in a while maybe 2 or 3 years. he used to be a dealer of my old line slyandrobby. ITSUMI knows him too, and posted some pics of his shop in nagasaki.  dope shit! check it out!    WWW.DEFCULT.COM
itsumi, thanks for contacting him!

crazy seigo.

seigo runs parasite check them out.

WAYWARD shin kun...

my friends shin's line WAYWARD.
cool distressed leather wallets and coin cases.

he also is the dude who makes these. (can be found here from time to time)
and has been know to ride this guy around tokyo. (kz750 customed out a little)

futon in a tree.

it jumped off the balcony and got suck in the tree.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

have a shitty fucking day!


parked outside NH.
nothing says 70's more that a parallel twin with dual headlights and a psychedelic tank...


got in a quick skate sesh yesterday at the volcom ramp.  the ramp is caged in to the back corner of the shop witch makes it fell kinda like the ramp that dude had in his bunker in gleaming the cube. not alot of flat, and every time i was on the coping i felt like i was about about to hit my head on a pipe.

but ill take anything, just doing rock and roll's all day still fells better than not skating at all.

Monday, April 20, 2009

other bikes at the party.

W650 and unfinished SR.
W-650 blacked out.
brand new w650. 
pan head.
plus 3 more inside that I didnt shoot, but can tell you are going to be sick! 

bratt new xs...

if you haven t seen the other xs's they have built, you havent seen dope xs' before.
check the shifter and harley iron head foot peg.
custom pipes, and controls made in that special 70's look.
iron head forks and trees, matched to a period correct mini drum/21" rim set up
ribbed pipes.
stance. can you find the battery? I cant, but its not a kicker, electric start.