Monday, April 20, 2009


takami's knuckle head is seriously too dope! first off let me say, im not really a harley dude. I mean I like them and all that, but because of the price of shit, and what it has become over the past few years im kinda turned off by the whole "HARLEY" thing. I dont know, I could see myself owning one, but only after I finished all my other projects., but seriously this bike does it for me. fully. 100%.

where to start!?
brass dog bones, with oil pressure, and neutral light built in.
im guessing either grimeca, or water buffalo front 4 leading shoe brake!? laced up for the rear.
(if this has already been figured out and written somewhere forgive me.) (edit: this is on the pan head not the knuckle)
tank tank tank
can you figure out whats going on here? what is that bulge sticking out of the primary cover!?
oh yeah,... he added an electric starter motor. and them welded up the cover to fit it. oh yeah and he also had to modify the oil tank to fit it. that is also contoured around the starter. details details details

starter button built into the grimeca master cylinder, next to the internal throttle.
dual disc front, mirrors, and turn signals, and still looks clean as fuck...

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  1. That last one is the dopeist i think