Wednesday, August 15, 2012

on the road again, again.

Well after this trip I'am certain I'am moving. california see ya soon!
 with adam wright, at high bond modified.
 party shawn @ bronsonville.
 OG LA graff legend CHAZ. painting at the agenda trade show. 
 get up's in costa mesa.
 really this is the reason I wanna move. I could care less about the politics. 
like black uhuru said, "chill out"
 victor has a killer spot in whittier 

 up to LA to hang for the day.
 my bike is in the current issue of dice, "if you have the means I highly suggest you try it."
 coastal carnage at the US open.
 rotiform wheels threw a small show and shine event in seal beach.
 ebony and ivory all day.

 they all were...
gems at the Long beach car swap.

 keeping it lean and healthy
 3 weirdos. me, jason jesse, dean.
 fuck that!

scott is making noise at noise. brooklyn is gonna be a great show.
 power tattoo co.
 master of death (squad) chris. fucking me up.
like I said, what would a trip be with out some pain...

Live action in baltimore!

coleman bros. speed shop 
 AMA district 7 short track
got a flash back to good times when I found this in a box.
 the gentleman farmer discussing bernoulli's principle and the effects on a velocity stack
earl in serious discussion, and a bike.

on the road agin.

up and down the east coast. thats where I'll be, for now.

great time in tokyo again!

 on gaurd.
"thats whats inside me"

 these Calee boots are on the top of my want list.
 HWZN yas, CYCLE HEADZ tamasawa and some jerk.
 doing my best to stay on point with a diet. eat well on the road is a hard thing to do.
 shin's insanity at the NHBD office.
BOUNTY HUNTER. Ryu, Takashi, Hikaru, and Yas (ex. bounty)
 picked up a few small things for myself.
 oh yeah and this too.
 what trip would be complete without feeling like shit for 4 hours.
 it was so odd for me to be riding  in my old truck, with a bike I sold, in the back. trippy!

 naka naka
 29A just before we had a near death.
 more fun times!
 headz crew birthday party!
 good friends
 Mr. Bratstyle himself
see ya!