Saturday, February 28, 2009

wonder twins....

sino & HAL
yo sino get better soon dude, you have to win cmwc 09!!!
yo HAL have fun at monster track 
win something good this time!

sorry i cant make it ill be at monster truck tonight.

Friday, February 27, 2009

im soooo glad that this WHOLE video is up on youtube, and not in sections.

still love this one.
 hensley , cab over the pick nick table....
what ever hapend to jason carney?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

blast from the past...

bike club patch
circa 2000
I found a little stash of these in the office and im going to put them up for sale on the shop webstore


holf fuckin shit!
this dude was on the discovery ch. last night.
seriously! WTF!?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

old friends...

my friends band HELLBENT from japan.
this is an old show, but they have started to play again in the last 2 years if your around check them out. psychobilly HC!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

20" xs-GT

are you fucking kidding me????
this is as gnar as it gets.
fuck I actually like the stance!

sticker mania pt.2

almost filled up.
send me stickers to the shop!
shop gentei
1010 morton st.
baltimore MD 21201

sticker mania

little green dude, and sticker mania

does anyone know what this little dude is called?
as a kid i would always see him in the back of thrasher in california sticker express adds and always though he was rad.

made for supreme in 02!? I cant remember.

fuck you mother fucker!

BIG al's looking forward to summer

it's was not warm at all today!
but big al cant be held back
he's ready for fun in the sun.
"big man on campus"

fuckin-a dude...

details, are you kidding me!?

ok so if your looking at this blog, you PROBABLY have seen brat style bikes..
anyway this is takami's xs (owner of brat style) I took this last year but figured its about time to post it up. I know some of you are tired of looking at the little ass pics on the web site. enjoy!
im don't want to blow ups dudes spot, but there are alot of "secret" parts on this thing.  i have picked this bike apart in person, and believe me I did more than one double take. (21" honda trials front wheel, and brake, on a ceriani road race forks,  internal throttle with a cable pull brake lever (that was cut down and re-welded on so clean that you cant even tell) then brazed on to the apes with the cable routed proper. thats pushing a remote reservoir for the disc.... peep the controls! its all the little details that makes bikes like this so dope.
this is shisha dog god of okinawa. (where takami is from) thats okinawa HOMETOWN PRIDE in the chiba area.
the little toggle switch on the shifter... NOS 100 shot!!........just kidding!

Monday, February 23, 2009

post with no pics....

todays post comes with no pictures...
why, you ask!? well i want it to represent what i got accomplished  today.


i went to the DMV at around 12:30 to straighten out more legal issues with registration on 2 of my bikes... "take a number" i was D-172 they were on d-23... after i waited and waited and waited, they told me "oh you need to go upstairs" to the other line... so i did, and i waited and waited.  around 4:30, i said "FUCK THIS!!!!", and walked out.
did not even get done what i went there for in the first place.
trust me NEVER go to the dmv on an empty stomach it only makes things worse.

***** feel free to post comments on this post, as well as others. i like the feedback!******

Saturday, February 21, 2009

my xs650 street tracker.

since this was taken Ive taken the tag, mirror and light off. I'm going to race the bike this season as is, keeping the internals of the motor stock. its got an ignition pipes and new carbs on it.
ill put 19's on it for the track. but other than that its done.
i figure its my first season, im racing against dudes who have been racing for years, and im on a tiny short track. less power would be even better.

for the street im building a new bike. motor is 100% WORKED!
is going to scream! im super pumped. just collecting the last of the parts i need to get it together. 

more on that one and the other projects soon.

i love this pic

i need to get back in shape!

N.O.S. for the street tracker

I paid like $25 for the whole set up....

music and 80's ladies....

some of the posters we have hanging in the garage.
at some point i guess i actually need to go through the boxes of posters and fliers i have collected over the years and do it proper.
anway a teaser...

more new shop T's

new shop long T's shoud be finished up today and on the shop gentei webstore by tomorrow

the choice of champions

my new fucking sick ass jawa speedway boots!

al's place.

what do you got?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

part time punk

justin (shop gentei staff from time to time) and the dude who created a really dope documentary toy punks came to hang out for a while today. justin is also the lead guitar in my band that has not formed yet. a good dude, and someone who "gets it". buy toy punks volume 1. because they are working on volume 2 now. do you like pushead art? mike giant? bounty hunter?....

tool box stickers...

if you have stickers from your shop, line, gang, crew, band, send me some and ill get them up on the box.
"my wife says if i go biking one more time,
she's leaving... gosh im going to miss her"

new wheel

21" cant wait to get this thing on the road...

scientist,nuff said.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

if you dont know lip cream, you dont know shit.

this is no bootleg bullshit. this is a real lip cream crew neck sweat shirt. circa late 80's
your not going to find one of these anywhere. not even in koenji!. 
this was given to me years ago by my good friend takashi sweeden. he is the bass player for "rockey, and the sweeden", fearless vampire killers (m.y.b.c.), owner of fudobrain clothing shop in tokyo,  and all around awsome dude! he has more shit that you have never seen, than you could even imagine.