Monday, March 29, 2010

You think your street is crowded!?


Just got this present. From the family of hori kanee in Osaka. (he
tattooed my foot a few years ago and has since passed away.) wow, to
get this really means alot to me. He did not tattoo "regular people"
at all. he was contracted to only tattoo members of a certain "family"
if you know what Mean!? Just to be able to have the tattoo is special
to me, this was very unexpected but great suprise.

Tokyo Hard Core

Its been at least 5 years since i have seen one of my favorite bands
(Tetsu arrey) live.every time I come to Tokyo I miss them but this
time They were kicking ass as always. It was good to see alot of the
same faces from back in the day. For you Japacore fans out there
ishiya told me that Forward are going to start playing again. Along
with so-what, and LIP CREAM ! If you are in japan in June GO See

Today's pain work

Magical design filling in the little bit of free space I have left on
my leg.

I'm tired.

My last 3 days have been Hardcore shows, tattoos, meetings, more
tattoos, more meetings and so on. I'm beat. Good night

Sunday, March 28, 2010


@ shin okubo "Earth Dom"

56 tattoo syndicate

Well know and respected all over the world, Kishi has been tattooing here for over 20 years. Thats Old school tokyo. If you don't know, ask your favorite tattoo artists, favorite tattoo artist

(Kishi san thanks for the painting)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cut-Rate press.

New issue of warp magazine came out yesterday. The first 2 pages of a
6 page spread about me and Cut-rate. Check it out and let me know what
you think.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

another good one from that era...

after watching these old videos again, I can really say the dudes nowadays are crazy. I remember doing most of this stuff back then and thinking holly shit that was big... not anymore. same goes for most all sports I guess. the level gets upped every few years and the old guys all look back and say, "when we did it it was much harder" and in someways thats true. the technology is way more advanced now, and riders have a base to learn off of. Im rambling. anyway I think a VERY SMALL part of me wants to go snowboarding agin. maaaayyyyybeee next year.

Wow, a blast from the past...

In and around 90-94 ish you couldn't tell me nothing but M.B.H.C.
( mt. Baker hard core) is was heavy into snowboarding and the style
and attitude of the mt. Baker dudes was exactly what I was about.
While others were buying new kits every season and matching head to
toe, these dudes were rippinh with trashed boards, cut down, rocking
carhart overalls ling sleeve t's and deer skin gloves. All the while
doing rails, going big (for back then) and jibbing everything. Comming
from a skate background that was what I was all about!! I wish I had
some pictures of myself to go along with this but at the time getting
in more runs was more important than shooting a pic. Oh well. This
sticker was on the back of the trash can @ backdrop. One more reason I
like these dudes.

heavy rotation


they still got!
(and wino rides a Panhead)!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tombstone bar.

wow what a cool LITTLE bar. think it can hold about 10 people in it max. every chopper book you have ever seen, plus a few you have never seen. good friends, good conversation, good vibes.

New issue of cycle heads.

Cut rate 1 full page. Go get it!

pm's = no pics

got some more tattoo work done on my back and ribs last night. I sometimes like to take 1 tylenol pm before hand to kinda put me in a haze and take the edge off when getting tattooed in places that are less than fun. well last night I took 3! not sure why, but damn it worked. I selpt through the whole 3 hour session, then went home and slept for 12 more hours. to be honest im still sleepy. im going to go back for another session before I leave next week. im also getting the little space I have left on my ankle filled in on friday. ill be awake for that so ill make sure to take pics.


Wu tang

Big man little bike

Gen's Elsinore.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garni after party...

Partied with the garni crew till the am.. I beat.

Black metal night.

Sigh was really rad. Breathing fire, burning bibles, and magic tricks
what else could you ask for!? Genocide was no let down either. They
look like they were just unfrozen from a 1981 time capsule. Flying V
wailing, king daimond high note hitting, bell bottom pants wearing
Eternal was also pretty good. Slow sabbath/vitus esq.
I missed Abigail but from what my friend told me I would have really
like them...


Check the blog.

This is why IM fat (dot com)


Friday, March 19, 2010

A little more custom work.

It took me a few hours and now My hands hurt like hell I would hate to
do this for a living. More comming soon!

New garni

Go buy some garni stuff @