Saturday, March 6, 2010

This or this?

1993 c1500 sport 454, or 1984 c10?.
Both trucks are a possibility for me. (not these actuall trucks) but
the picture of the 84 is way more hooked up but the 93 has alot of
potential. It's jay on the cusp of being too "new" but I do actually
really like them... Humm what to do?


  1. I like the c10 more. They are both rad trucks. I feel like you could make the older shit much faster though.

  2. haha well i know in this pic the 84, looks extra tough. I love the box styling of 80's cars and trucks. it sppeaks to more than the 60's 70's styling. partially because im an 80's child. but I can say the plans i have for either of them in my head would look really good. the 91 would have a balls out motor too... hummmm if i only had a BIGGER garage and more loot!

  3. Fuck man, I wish you were looking for a 454 like 2 years ago... One of my best friends Dennis sold his SS 454. Supercharged, bagged, clean as fuck... - . C10's are fucking tough as nails though...