Tuesday, September 28, 2010

real headz recognize!

the fellows from Cycle headz japan came to visit us not that long ago and wanted to do a story about Cut-rate and a who's who of shops and key players in this town. this is the first installment, so don't get your feelings hurt if you don't see your favorite scum bag on here right now. there is more to come.
Thats me building crapy bikes. it think I was about to weld a sissy bar up in this picture.??
Wolf cycles, and Shop gentei. Wolf is the real deal. if you wanna know about triumphs, bsa's or nortons bob is the man to talk to. that no.1 bike is the 97-99 ahrma champion. bob built that! the crazy thing he is standing with... a 900+cc 3 spd air shifted triumph dirt drag bike. he yeah has some crazy shit. and makes a mean pit beef sandwich.
Shop gentei is the first and only shop in baltimore too...... you fill in the blank. we have had more cool shit before YOU knew it was cool than any other shop around. Sideburn mag before issue 1 was even out. bratstyle and hwzn bros. parts in stock 3 years ago, cut-rate, driven, stussy, select vintage clothing and parts,converse,vans, bikes and skates...
Milwaukee Ghost and Kundratic Kustums.
Earl owns and runs the ghost. if earl doesn't know what's wrong with your bike then you should throw it in the trash because it cant be fixed. more rare parts than you can shake a stick at and its a one man show.
Kundratic is run by Brian Kundratic who is really making some cool shit and doing his part for the local scene by throwing swap meets and parties on a regular basis. look at the twin carb knuckle and the buell , seriously!...

Jordans art studio / Camp fuck n' fuck
these two are the only 2 private sots in the article, but if you ever get a chance to get inside take a few hours listen to stories that you will hear nowhere else,and learn something. both places have more history on the walls than every cool-guy blog that is linked on here. Jordan has been printing chopper shirts since 69' and Tommy's unique bmw's have something like over a million miles on them collectively. again if shut up and listen you might learn something...

Friday, September 24, 2010

4 the squares

Im happy to say Cut-Rate is now for sale over at FREAK OUT THE SQUARES.
(if your reading this on FOTS then you already know.)
were working on some cool future projects together that im sure all of you will be siked about. when the time comes we will all blog about it.

here is a hint =)
I know you siked now!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

long weekend pt.2

part 2 of my 700 mile adventure was heading south from NYC to Ocean city MD for the last day of DELMARVA bike week(end). so i leave sunday am, and make it down to the delaware memorial bridge with the normal gas stops, tightening up bolts and trying to stop oil leaks as I go. after the bridge I was on rt. 113 and THOUGH I could make it to the next exit for gas...WRONG! had to push my bike 4 miles to the next exit!. I would like to say a big FUCK YOU to every person on a bike, and every 50 thousand dollar pickup truck with 2 stock harleys in the back that passed me and didnt stop. you should not be allowed to ride motorcycles. i would like to to say thanks to the 1 dude that did stop as I was pushing it off the exit ramp. (Lee from dover, Thanks dude!! im sending you a shirt!) Lee towed me off the highway and to the gas station down the road. after a fill up I made the last leg of the trip and met up with Greg, Brian and Chris of kundratic kustoms in baltimore. this was the scene as I arrived.

the next morning I camped on the beach for a few hours with this dude.
a resort town after the summer is kinda sad in a way, but also relaxing at the same time.
the weather was perfect, no one else around to bother you, and the beach to yourself
hurricane Igor had some good swell going on, but the south swell and north winds only made it choppy as shit. I didnt surf but it was nice to just chill and enjoy the sounds,
hard to tell but that was close to 3ft overhead...
later that day I stopped in to Blue collar customs in fenwick to charge my dead battery. (oh yeah I had to bump my bike all day..) battery was dead so had to buy a new one. (thanks evan and steve for the hook up). saw some other projects and cool stuff at the shop. if your in the area stop in and say whats up!
Finally I was time to leave. Jumped on rolled out to start the last 150 miles home, again stopping for gas and thightening of bolts as needed. I was rollin, weather was perfect, no traffic, just passing what cars were on the road. that worked out fine until I the 1 cop I saw the whole way got me. 77 in a 55. he was cool with just giving me a warning, I played dumb about having no mirrors, turn signals, speedo, front brake, and my tag being sideways... could'nt get out of the "no motorcycle license" ticket. opps $70. I guess one of these days I will actually have to borrow a legal bike and go take the test.
The one thing that made it all worth it, was going over the 5 mile long bay bridge at sunset! I cant stress how nice the weather was, I wish I could have snapped a picture, but my mind was not on this blog at the time. no way a picture could describe the feeling of starting below the sunset, rising up over it and then back into it with the perfect orange huge in the sky... if you ride hopefully you have experienced something like that. it made all the bad things go away. man I wanna go ride somewhere else while we still have above freezing days!

another long weekend....

as you may know via an older post, i made the ride up to new york for the BK invitational a day early, broke down, fixed it, finished the trip, and chilled.
the next day i headed over to Vanders place for a pre-show party, party.
(these pics are out of order.)
anyway some bikes from the show...
miguell and sylus
twin carb knuck
124 ci shovel drag bike by Rosa's in NY
chris slab shov.
mike's 60's style pan
clean triumph
back at vanders.... midnight mike kicking, and kicking, and kicking, jason's knuck
pre party party at vanders
joey and chris (hated) checking out vanders vl framed pan. (this bike was better than most in the show....just sayin')

gooing seeing everyone!
joey, chris and co., matt, dean, kenny from MA. dudes from VA. Miguell,Tomo, Coby, murphy, Fumi, isac, mike, max, and esp Vander for having us all over and supplying beer and food.

Monday, September 20, 2010


EASTSIDE, KW, CYCLE SHACK, and TROUBLE in the new issue of FLYWHEELS mag.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The rotten apple

Made it to 6th street just as it started to hail! Didn't get struck by lightning.! Maybe the dude above did!?
My exhaust mount broke and so did my primary gasket. Had to stop in Delaware and swap it out. See you all tomorrow at the party!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Really good shit!


Rob is a real dude! Go to slims fab and support guys who are supporting the local scene and making good shit not stamped out crap. He is what Cut-Rate is all about. DIY, garage built, for us, by us, kinda stuff.

Real 4q

We have a few more of these in stock if anyone is interested. 8.18", great shape, sick graphic. Contact me if your interested.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yo mr. Telephone man...

It's another new edition...

Some kind of sportster frame. Light weight Front half, extended swing arm. All This thing needs a buell 1200 motor and dragstrip.

death moves

Camel clutch+
Boston crab
= Boston camel

Friday, September 10, 2010

yo yo yoshi


the "L" case (L's linkerts, lectrons)
mags next to mags
a few helmets
again in case you missed it....
more L's SU's & aris lights
street tracker in the shop
the shop
water buffalo 4LS fronts , dymags ,kimtabs, lesters, EME 's... I was crying
just a couple sportster motors, and a knuck

race bikes
cerianni front ends for days
more stock
it never ends!!!!

yoshi thanks for the mag and letting us pick through your stuff on your day off!
hope you like your shirts...4649!