Tuesday, September 21, 2010

another long weekend....

as you may know via an older post, i made the ride up to new york for the BK invitational a day early, broke down, fixed it, finished the trip, and chilled.
the next day i headed over to Vanders place for a pre-show party, party.
(these pics are out of order.)
anyway some bikes from the show...
miguell and sylus
twin carb knuck
124 ci shovel drag bike by Rosa's in NY
chris slab shov.
mike's 60's style pan
clean triumph
back at vanders.... midnight mike kicking, and kicking, and kicking, jason's knuck
pre party party at vanders
joey and chris (hated) checking out vanders vl framed pan. (this bike was better than most in the show....just sayin')

gooing seeing everyone!
joey, chris and co., matt, dean, kenny from MA. dudes from VA. Miguell,Tomo, Coby, murphy, Fumi, isac, mike, max, and esp Vander for having us all over and supplying beer and food.

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