Monday, May 28, 2012

dimensions skate deck art show.

finished my deck just in time to grab some new CR gear and drive down to the beach for the annual dimensions art show.

mike had it all hooked up with the scenic view condo. thanks dude!

still a little chilly, but jumping in after a 9 month wait feels great.

 sponseller handicaping me at mini golf.
 some pretty cool boards on display.
 after seeing my board next to some of the talent on the wall I realized i need to dust off my pens, and paint way more often!

lil' giesy and uncle kevin having fun time.

philly trip RTS 6

last weekend was philly's Ride To Skate 6. as always we went up in style, about 15 deep. Mario broke down again. but other than that no MAJOR issues.
trophy I made for the "how the fuck did you make it here" award.

at the hotel.

philly street art.

at one point dude balanced it on the gnarly ass kickstand on his chin.

george (DS) getting it in early...


Lowside and Cut-Rate trying to spread the word and make a buck.

mid day.

lil duggy getting some love.

Boogie rag took this shot of my bike. thanks joe.

the ride home was great, we hauled ass down 95, with no major issues. summer time is here!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Random week pt.2

get in shape!
2004 stickers

This week in no order.

sawed off, BB gun.
need to get my race bike back together!
old time favotites
summer wardrobe.

Friday, May 11, 2012

on repeat, volume 11

Pain, makes me stronger
Life is chaos
You gotta deal with it

Expressing my aggression
Through confusion
Face reality
Nothing is like it used to be

Don't tell me I don't know
You don't live in my war
Revolt and anger
I won't take it anymore

Don't get me wrong
You don't know where I'm from
Don't get me wrong
You don't know where I've been
Don't get me wrong
It's been a painful way
Don't get me wrong
You wouldn't understand




Thursday, May 10, 2012

another random week.


 my steed.

 charlie sheen'in fools
 G.G. walker
 2 favorite things.
 intruders beware.
 21 runnin, real fast now.
still rainin still dreamin...