Saturday, January 31, 2009

how can you be mad at this?


named after....

both crazy!

I hate surfing in HB

actually i love it. why the hell did i came back to the frozen east coast!?


OAKLEY HQ. a.k.a the bat cave
i didnt want to take pics inside (i dont think i was allowed) anyway, but the pace is insane...
its about 10 times bigger than what you can see in the pic.
real helicopter seats, as waiting room chairs! and the inside looks just like the outside. straight bat cave.!
no fat mall cops here, these dude will fuck you up if you park in the wrong spot.

daisuke lost his virginity...

first time shooting a gun...


we do.....

looking fresh in my white T...
each one of these bails is about 800lbs....


snow sucks

Saturday, January 17, 2009

a LITTLE gift from pedal mafia

the new pedal ID mini bike.
for sale somewhere. maybe shop gentei soon!?
its crazy cause all parts are interchangeable.
bars carbon wheels set, stems cranks tires. crazy!

fiber twin powers activate

UK IN BMORE, and something about obama

chris devlins pops on BMORE on the BBC.
i wonder if they asked him because of the BBC connection.

photo:chip martucci

Monday, January 12, 2009

2 of my favorite videos on you tube.

type in " iron shiek" and sit back for the next 3 hours...

total madness!

house industries x vanson leathers

not new news or anything, but house,
my favorite font creators, and all around good dudes, just sent me one of these vanson jackets.
I must say up until now I have been a lewis leathers dude, but this is seriously SUPER NICE! house went the extra mile and made this thing damn near perfect.

ive been  trying to wear it all day long so i can break it in. i hate the cold, but this made it a lil more bearable.

you can order the jackets straight from house, or contact us at the shop and we can hook you up. we also have a some N.O.S. house 33 t's in the shop. ( house33 is currently on hiatus ), so if you are a size small, xl, or xxl, we got the hook up. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

guess who's coming to dinner!?

what's going in this spot?
heres a hint... look at the last post!
thats all I can say.
cant say when, cant say who, cant give anymore info, but it will be the SHIT when its done!!!

1 more time

I know the creature flat track deck has been posted on every blog in the past month, but here is my post about it. along with some other motorcycle inspired decks.

all decks for sale at shop gentei

a lil more progress.

dont look at this pic to much, you will burn your eyes!
the hard tail is now welded up to the frame.
one thing i can say about hard tailed xs's they look silly with a stretch!
the is no trans, oiltank or tool bags, to fill the void that is created when doing this. i decided the only thing to do was to shorten it! 4 inches to get the back end nice and tight, and close the gap! 

I dont have a welded on the shop yet so we went over bruces'...

thanks bruce.

animals in the wrong place at the wrong time

sometimes animals can end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, usually its not good for them.
-this is what happens when you start cutting up a 30 year old bike that has been outside of a barn for the last 15 years....

poor little mouse though he could swim in the drain pan....

*no animals were harmed in the posting of this blog.*