Monday, January 12, 2009

house industries x vanson leathers

not new news or anything, but house,
my favorite font creators, and all around good dudes, just sent me one of these vanson jackets.
I must say up until now I have been a lewis leathers dude, but this is seriously SUPER NICE! house went the extra mile and made this thing damn near perfect.

ive been  trying to wear it all day long so i can break it in. i hate the cold, but this made it a lil more bearable.

you can order the jackets straight from house, or contact us at the shop and we can hook you up. we also have a some N.O.S. house 33 t's in the shop. ( house33 is currently on hiatus ), so if you are a size small, xl, or xxl, we got the hook up. 

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