Thursday, December 29, 2011

This past week.

-Merry christmas
-mike giant
-fixing SR's
-hating xs's
-Lifting shovels.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanks micro!

Got a surprise holiday gift in the mail from knog.!
Micro next time your in my hood hamburgers are on me!

The fastest single engine triumph.

Some more Maryland motorcycle history for you. Record set in 1978. By my man Arno St.Denis. Ever heard of routs cycle? Arno was a machinist for sunny and helped him get bikes ready for racing, Sunny would let Arno run the bike in heat races at big events without worry because there was no one even close to his times. Well as time went on Arno eventually would run better times than the boss. After routs closed Arno kept on racing and kept his title as the fastest.!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cycle cycle

Photo by Magic Ken.

Random gay pics

-Chop top datsun 620.
-tim trying to claim my property
-mock up motor
-PSA's in the big apple

Vintage bikes at the indoors.

Man indoor Flattrack is so cool. I mean cold! It was seriously very very cold, like low 30's, but this year we only got 2 race dAys so we had to make it count. A few vintage bikes chillin out in the pits. And the pw50's. 4-6 year olds. Little guys got balls bigger than some of my friends!
** People to watch.. Jason 30s isennock. He swept all the races he was in. All the heat races and All the mains. Last year he placed 4th in the AMA 450 singles. Come spring im sure he is going to be Killing it again!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Hook ups rule!

My man mike @supra hooked me up with a nice set of winter boots. Perfect match with the new Cut-Rate gloves! Go get your self a pair of each.

Back to work!

After a great trip, I'm home and its time to get crackin while I'm still inspired!

Monday, December 12, 2011

kyoto rules.

traveled down to kyoto to visit my good buddies at apache~!
they really have a super sick spot, with everything you could want all under 1 roof. clothing shop, chopper shop, mini ramp, clothing store, pool tables,bar/cafe, a hamburger shop, and an arcade!

 when your done skating you can chill out, play some pin ball, darts, or watch chopper videos on the giant flat screen tv.
 back and forth studios does all the hand painted signs. and skulls by MAR
kyoto at night.

classic kyoto.
toshi and I chillin.

 mitsu bought my old sportster. it was nice to see him riding it around.

seceret motorcycles custom sr400

 toshi's army jeep.
 back and forth studios.
 outdoor mini mini.
 go get some Cut-Rate~!
and get a burger from kai on your way out...

japan trip! a photo essay

 upping quality levels.
aki's topper
 real shit. calee
 cycle headz
 hog hawlic.
 ace motorcycle 20th anniversary 
 pai's art show in osaka!

 self portrait.
 team asphalt always killing it.
 magical design.
 black black.
 spending more time under the gun.
 with tetsu @ pawn and FUCT exhibition.

 lunch time
 masa's delight. post HRCS paarty
london england. the monk, the dean