Tuesday, September 21, 2010

long weekend pt.2

part 2 of my 700 mile adventure was heading south from NYC to Ocean city MD for the last day of DELMARVA bike week(end). so i leave sunday am, and make it down to the delaware memorial bridge with the normal gas stops, tightening up bolts and trying to stop oil leaks as I go. after the bridge I was on rt. 113 and THOUGH I could make it to the next exit for gas...WRONG! had to push my bike 4 miles to the next exit!. I would like to say a big FUCK YOU to every person on a bike, and every 50 thousand dollar pickup truck with 2 stock harleys in the back that passed me and didnt stop. you should not be allowed to ride motorcycles. i would like to to say thanks to the 1 dude that did stop as I was pushing it off the exit ramp. (Lee from dover, Thanks dude!! im sending you a shirt!) Lee towed me off the highway and to the gas station down the road. after a fill up I made the last leg of the trip and met up with Greg, Brian and Chris of kundratic kustoms in baltimore. this was the scene as I arrived.

the next morning I camped on the beach for a few hours with this dude.
a resort town after the summer is kinda sad in a way, but also relaxing at the same time.
the weather was perfect, no one else around to bother you, and the beach to yourself
hurricane Igor had some good swell going on, but the south swell and north winds only made it choppy as shit. I didnt surf but it was nice to just chill and enjoy the sounds,
hard to tell but that was close to 3ft overhead...
later that day I stopped in to Blue collar customs in fenwick to charge my dead battery. (oh yeah I had to bump my bike all day..) battery was dead so had to buy a new one. (thanks evan and steve for the hook up). saw some other projects and cool stuff at the shop. if your in the area stop in and say whats up!
Finally I was time to leave. Jumped on rolled out to start the last 150 miles home, again stopping for gas and thightening of bolts as needed. I was rollin, weather was perfect, no traffic, just passing what cars were on the road. that worked out fine until I the 1 cop I saw the whole way got me. 77 in a 55. he was cool with just giving me a warning, I played dumb about having no mirrors, turn signals, speedo, front brake, and my tag being sideways... could'nt get out of the "no motorcycle license" ticket. opps $70. I guess one of these days I will actually have to borrow a legal bike and go take the test.
The one thing that made it all worth it, was going over the 5 mile long bay bridge at sunset! I cant stress how nice the weather was, I wish I could have snapped a picture, but my mind was not on this blog at the time. no way a picture could describe the feeling of starting below the sunset, rising up over it and then back into it with the perfect orange huge in the sky... if you ride hopefully you have experienced something like that. it made all the bad things go away. man I wanna go ride somewhere else while we still have above freezing days!

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  1. Great post holmes...love to take trips that include beach time. You would have felt right at home on the Revenge Run. See you soon Oliver!