Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wow, a blast from the past...

In and around 90-94 ish you couldn't tell me nothing but M.B.H.C.
( mt. Baker hard core) is was heavy into snowboarding and the style
and attitude of the mt. Baker dudes was exactly what I was about.
While others were buying new kits every season and matching head to
toe, these dudes were rippinh with trashed boards, cut down, rocking
carhart overalls ling sleeve t's and deer skin gloves. All the while
doing rails, going big (for back then) and jibbing everything. Comming
from a skate background that was what I was all about!! I wish I had
some pictures of myself to go along with this but at the time getting
in more runs was more important than shooting a pic. Oh well. This
sticker was on the back of the trash can @ backdrop. One more reason I
like these dudes.

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