Tuesday, February 24, 2009

details, are you kidding me!?

ok so if your looking at this blog, you PROBABLY have seen brat style bikes..
anyway this is takami's xs (owner of brat style) I took this last year but figured its about time to post it up. I know some of you are tired of looking at the little ass pics on the web site. enjoy!
im don't want to blow ups dudes spot, but there are alot of "secret" parts on this thing.  i have picked this bike apart in person, and believe me I did more than one double take. (21" honda trials front wheel, and brake, on a ceriani road race forks,  internal throttle with a cable pull brake lever (that was cut down and re-welded on so clean that you cant even tell) then brazed on to the apes with the cable routed proper. thats pushing a remote reservoir for the disc.... peep the controls! its all the little details that makes bikes like this so dope.
this is shisha dog god of okinawa. (where takami is from) thats okinawa HOMETOWN PRIDE in the chiba area.
the little toggle switch on the shifter... NOS 100 shot!!........just kidding!

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