Sunday, February 15, 2009

if you dont know lip cream, you dont know shit.

this is no bootleg bullshit. this is a real lip cream crew neck sweat shirt. circa late 80's
your not going to find one of these anywhere. not even in koenji!. 
this was given to me years ago by my good friend takashi sweeden. he is the bass player for "rockey, and the sweeden", fearless vampire killers (m.y.b.c.), owner of fudobrain clothing shop in tokyo,  and all around awsome dude! he has more shit that you have never seen, than you could even imagine. 


  1. Ow we love dem hardcores! i came here thru itsumi's blog! so gauze, ghoul, lip cream is best shiiiiiii in JP '80! the gig was so crazy mayne!
    my old memories.

  2. oh hell yeah!
    ghoul, last bomb, deathside..
    cant be beat!!!