Saturday, April 18, 2009


before there was "street wear", before there was cool vintage, before most of you were born, there was Backdrop. they opened there doors in shibuya in 1977!!!! seriously anyone in tokyo that is doing shit now, has shopped, and or gotten inspiration from backdrop. yes HF, and all of them...
the more you look the more ill shit you will find hidden up in the rafters, and tucked into small racks.

leathers for days. they run the vanson game in japan.
red wings since day 1, danner, whites, vans, oakley, red cap, nike, motive, acroynm, new era, collabs with every brand you can think of plus a shit load more. we are siked to be in a shop that fully gets it and is not just dick riding current trends, but rather making them.

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