Saturday, March 14, 2009

I feel like im 13 again.

im on a Rollins band kick for the past few weeks.
when I was 14 these tapes was in HEAVY rotation in my walkman.

I was out last night and ran into CHRIS X (owner of reptilian records)
I have to say I was sad to hear that he shut down his retail store where I actually bought both of these tapes many years ago. they were a staple in baltimore street, punk, rock, music set. none-the-less they do still have there online store, that is packed with exclusive releases you should buy.
while were on the topic of buying shit from reptilian. this came out around 91' ish??
some good bands, some bad ones, but still a classic for me. I still listen to this one too. im sure some of you who are reading this also have this.
what bands do you like on this comp?

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