Saturday, May 16, 2009


I did this project with oakley.
the release party will be june 12th in baltimore (at the talking head club/sonar)
with dj's in 1 room, and the death set in the in other rocking out.
if you in the area come by on your ride. (motorcycles, bikes, skateboard, fuck it even on a scooter...)

A sneak peek at the brand-new, super-limited Gentei x Oakley "Knight Rider" Frogskins sunglasses. Restricted to a production run of only 100 pieces, these were personally retooled and re-imagined by Gentei founder and creative director Oliver Jones to create a conceptually complete product from start to finish. Amber-tinted lenses specifically made for night riding and overcast days, inside black fade-to-clear frames with the Gentei logo in chrome on the inside. '60s vintage styling cues combined with the timeless Frogskins silhouette to create a wholly new interpretation of an icon. The project is rounded out by a Jones-designed microfiber bag, included with each pair.

we will post more info in the coming weeks...


  1. Are these wallet "crater makers" or can i hope to cop a pair?

  2. where's the waiting list?

  3. Now available at