Friday, July 17, 2009

No stator, new stator, ready to roll.

"ok so why isnt this bike charging?"..ahh ha No stator at all. (it was a dirt drag bike in its former life) ok well this is how it went.

-go digg at Baltimore cycle salvage for 2 hours.

-find a stator and reg/rec that will fit.

-no bolts to hold it to the case. ok try out everyone I had the garage. (fond some BUT the heads are too tall and after I get it back together and go to start it GRIIIIDING noise. ok that wont work.)

-next day (today 9am) off to fastenall. the only bolts that have that wont get sheared off are $26 for a bag of 10!! oh well what am I going to do. im about to ride this thing (GS death Dragger) 150 miles tonight and am not trying to get stranded on the side of the road till the AM.

I even managed to keep the gasket in 1 piece after all of the on-and-off...

see you on the sand!

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