Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the funky 7's

I was cleaning my place this morning and came across a shoe box of junk, in that box were a bunch of 7"s. im not sure why there in there and not with the rest, but whatever im glad I found them. there were a bunch more rare records but these were some of my favorites of the bunch. I rarely ever even play 7"s. mostly 12"s but they are really cool to look at.

motor head "over kill"live picture 7"
megadeath "devils island" picture 7"
gastank(gastunk) "sunshine your love" (cover) picture 7"
adolescents boot "amoeba" buzz saw 7" (circle jerks wild in the strees on the flip side.)
masami (ghoul front man) "final days" 7"
napalm death x S.O.B. split flexi 7"
david lee roth interview picture FLEXI 7" (WTF!?)
Sperma "come on tonight" picture 7"
Plasmatics "butcher baby" & "monket suit" swirl vinyl 7"s

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