Thursday, February 18, 2010

crazy bike show weekend!

where to start where to start...
myself (Cut-Rate) and lowside syndicate got together and had a mini store with some really cool shit in it. I think it was the hit of the show...
guaranteed hits for the blog ...tammy on my XS.
3/4 's of my line up.. 883 sporty, XS, and TW
1986 883
lil ceaser on my bike... "pizza pizza"
F.I.S.M.... "choke and DEATH"
myself and big rich...
F.I.S.M... gs 1100 dirt drags
cycle sluts
cut-rate/ lowside get up on it now!
The driven, Cut-rate, Iron maiden, Creature and Tone Loc,
brucie, and myself
Garage Built Suicide machines
Fong's sick new XS
Fong Bros.

Q-ball and Earl, sharing wisdom
me and Qball buy his book, its is the truth if you really want to know...
mario's shov, and brucie's narrow 07' twinkie
who else but bruce would buy a brand new 07' off the showroom floor, pull off ALL the wires, fuel injection, everything, jockey it, and put a custom sporty front end on!? UCD represent.
Mario's shov
Tammy's 03 sporty
Govener's DYNA
Tim's fresh shov. I really dig this bike, and personaly think it SHOULD have gotten first place in it's class.


the cap'n
the crew in our hut.

****If you steal my pics, at least give me credit with a link back...***

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