Friday, April 9, 2010

Maryland MC history

Pagans MC

Established: 1959 in Prince George's County, Maryland, United States
Founder: Lou Dobkins
Years active: 1959-present
Territory: East Coast of the United States
Ethnicity: Predominantly White
Membership: 350-400 full-patch members, many more prospects and hang-arounds
Criminal activities: Drug dealing, arms dealing, extortion, prostitution, trafficking in stolen goods
Allies: Sons of Silence MC, the Aryan Brotherhood and the Pittsburgh crime family
Rivals: The Breed, Hells Angels MC, Outlaws, Warlocks and the Philadelphia crime family

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  1. Better watch out man, all these dudes play for keeps 24/7. Not that you don't know that, but when I was doing research on this stuff a few years back it was pretty clear that it's not to be toyed with, in terms of the rivalries and all that...