Tuesday, August 3, 2010

kanazawa trip

after my Kobe trip I jumped in the car with my buddy YAS from Hwzn Bros. they make really cool bikes and parts. they also stock cut-rate, so go support them to the fullest! we made the 5 hour trip up the west coast of japan to Kanazawa wow what a nice surprise.! Beaches, Mountains chill city,nice people All I can say is it was a really nice to be out of the Burst City (tokyo) and get some chill time at the beach. good food, friends and beautiful sites. thats what this is all about.
down the hatch
sup buddy?
thumbs up for kanazawa.
ocean view shanty town
beach front mini's

"drag on high speed"
Hwzn work shop.
750 tripple draggs
store front


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