Thursday, August 6, 2009


I will sell these complete or in parts.
LAND SHARK (time shark) ILLLL paint
HED disc wheel, spinergy front 650c
super mighty cranks, s cubik ring
profile bars stem, thomson seat post, alpine seat, mks/toshi

LAND SHARK (time shark) ILLLL van halen paint
deep V/dura ace wheel, spinergy front 650c
sugino 75's cranks, sugino drilled ring
gold shake fx stem, thomson seat post, alpine seat, mks/SAG sample straps

CUSTOM GT points race bike. (used to belong to jamie carnie (youtube his name)
frame is set up to take 650c front and rear wheels.
zip404 650 wheels (tubbies) rear is a SUNTOUR SUPURBE PRO 28hole hub.)
MAVIC starfish cranks.(not road cranks actual track cranks)
dura ace seat post turbo matic seat .
mavic stem ritchie bars, OG oaklet F-1 GRIPS
mks rx-1's /toshi, alle cages
custom alluminum tripple triangle frame (sageborn) made for jose palma (spanish track rider)
fork is a ANCHOR prototype fork. its 1" threaded. headset is hatta TI 1" threaded stem
MAVIC IO front wheel. (if you dont know dont ask) rear is a mavic elipse hub, with bladed spokes, laced to a mavic cosmic carbone clincher CARBON hoop. I made this wheel custom. it was NOT CHEAP AT ALL!!
thomson seat post/ concor america seddle

I also have a shit ton of parts, and really dont mind splitting up shit, email with questions.
All of the bikes are between 54-56cm


  1. So, are you getting out of the bike gig of the biz?

  2. no, i just could use the extra cash for some motorcycle projects. i still have a few fixed gears bikes im keeping. this is just the stuff that i NEVER ride...

  3. do you still have the sugino 75s? are they 165s?

  4. drop me a line about those starfish cranks please -

  5. Still have those starfish cranks? If so email me:

  6. Hello, could you email me on, I have a few questions about the Landshark lopro (I know it's sold, it's just a couple of things regarding it). Many thanks, Tomas