Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I love builtwell but...

ok I love builtwell stuff, I run a helmet and gloves from them and think they do a really good job on all there stuff, BUT what the fuck is this? look at the reflection in the riser!
A big fat dude with no shit on,taking a picture with what looks like a cell phone camera ? im not sure if this was intentional or not?? I hope it was some kind of hidden joke , and I am the only person who has caught it?  was the dude like, "well since your going to be naked ill take me shirt off too..." seriously the dude has a wicked farmers tan. does anyone have any info on this?
chris and the dudes at builtwell... no disrespect,I love your stuff! im just curious as to what was going on with this? its cracking me up.


  1. it's called pure awesome.

  2. Its a friend of ours Eric that Bill photoshop'd on there. Thats Rad you caught it!!!!