Monday, June 28, 2010

crazy smoked out dude...

the freak show that was called smokeout 11.

"the creature from the gay lagoon"
"mom stop your embarrassing me"
"dinner date on a mini bike."
"nazi elvis on a mini bike"
late night swim session at the motel
fat dude in a cowboy hat rolled up in this 4 wheeler thing, we got him to run over our hot grill. oh yeah then he bought Brandon's mini bike for $250 bucks. rad.
these two dudes were my favorite all weekend, I had to get a picture of them together
so this dude was doing "bike stunts" like this all day. all up in the mix with the motorcycles doing burnouts and wheelies, he was back and forth, on the seat, on the bars, one footed etc etc... all day!
funny thing is he had the same helmet as me. Im not really sure if he rolled up on his bicycle or a motorcycle? he sure has his "Ride to live" vest over his bars.

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