Tuesday, June 29, 2010


all in all the weekend was great. I already have a list of all the stuff we are going to need for next year.

Cut-Rate and Lowside booth.

trouble on wheels
timmy pre or post breakdown, im not sure.
chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel in VA.
rode biatch with kyle for the last 3 hours after my tire blew out.
it was still better than being in a cage.
on the way home a 5 inch nail in my sidewall caused the tire to get taller and dig out a groove. got a little squirley for a minute.
makin up lost time on the way down somewhere in southern VA.

-over 1000 miles traveled (1610km)
-temperatures over 100 degres (38*C)
-average speed 80mph (128 kph)

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